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    Jan 3, 2013
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      Western Jurisdiction won’t walk away from UMC

      November 21, 2012 Posted by Special Contributor

      By Patricia Farris, Special Contributor…

      Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s a trick question, of course, because the answer is always “Yes.”

      But in a win-lose paradigm, only one side can be right.

      And so, there are those, including my friend and colleague, Claremont School of Theology Professor Jack Jackson, who see the glass following General Conference 2012, as half, or less, empty. (See Dr. Jackson’s essay, “Breaking up is hard, but right thing for UMC,” Reporter Oct. 19.) Echoing the proposed “amicable separation” solution of 2008, the only course seems to be one of separation, in which the Western Jurisdiction and others of like mind agree to walk away.




      December 28, 2012

      Why I Doubt the UMC Can Handle Innovation

      A few weeks ago, a friend, Rob Rynders, posted a rousing call to innovation in the United Methodist Church. Along with the other members of the Missional Wisdom Foundation, I co-wrote a response to Rob’s call on our own website.

      We wanted to let him know that we were doing precisely what he called for. We are innovating within the church; we are doing some exciting new forms of ministry. In particular, I wrote a paragraph about New Day, the missional micro-communities which I have the privilege of helping to form and nurture.




      MIND offers new series of congregational workshops

      November 27, 2012 • Printer-friendly

      Register today for January 12 and 13 workshops

      MIND will hold a two-part workshop Saturday, January 12 (1 to 5pm) and Sunday, January 13 (3 to 6pm) at Asbury Crestwood UMC in Tuckahoe, NY for people interested in moving their congregations to become Reconciling congregations (that is, formally and explicitly welcoming of LGBT people and affiliated with the national Reconciling Ministries Network, of which MIND is the conference-level affiliate) and congregational signers of the Covenant of Conscience. The Saturday session will train people in the use of circle process in congregational discernment, including guidance on how to handle conflict. The Sunday session will focus on developing a specific process for a congregation on the path to becoming a Reconciling/covenant congregation. Both workshop sessions will be offered again in February. These two trainings may be taken in any order; those congregations who came to the July workshop should come for the Saturday session only. Space is limited, so registration is required.  To register, please send us an email and include your name and phone number and the name of your congregation.




      How Will We Change Our Minds?

      by Gilbert H. Caldwell

      January 2, 2013

      In imitation of Martin Luther, the Christian Century magazine some years ago resumed a series, "How My Mind Has Changed." In the series the magazine asks theologians "to reflect on their own struggles, disappointments, questions and hopes as people of faith and to consider how their work and life have been intertwined," according to writer Paul J. Griffin.


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