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3116HRC: New York Court's Archaic Reasoning Ignores the Facts

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  • umcornet
    Jul 6, 2006
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      UMCALLEDOUT Ed Note:
      The decision is at:
      Excerpts are here:
      For Gay Rights Movement, a Key Setback
      Same-Sex Marriage Ruled Out in New York, Georgia


      New York Court's Archaic Reasoning Ignores the Facts about Marriage
      and Families
      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 6, 2006

      WASHINGTON - Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese made the
      following statement as the Court of Appeals, New York's highest court,
      ruled today that the state Constitution permitted the denial of
      marriage to same-sex couples. The Court's majority opinion ruled that
      the Legislature had a rational reason for denying marriage, saying
      it's more important to promote stability in opposite-sex relationships
      than same-sex relationships and insinuating that children do not do as
      well with lesbian and gay parents.

      "The Court's archaic reasoning is rooted in ignorance and completely
      contradicted by the facts of today," said Human Rights Campaign
      President Joe Solmonese. "The Court threw the expert advice of child
      welfare professionals and years of scientific evidence out the window
      with its ruling against fairness. We commend the work of Lambda Legal,
      the ACLU and the plaintiff couples who had the courage and resolve to
      bring these cases forward."

      Solmonese continued, "This case raised the issue of fairness and
      equality for all New Yorkers who saw first-hand the real people
      fighting for their families. Thanks in large part to these couples and
      the hard work of the Empire State Pride Agenda, now a majority of New
      Yorkers support marriage equality and we will work with our allies in
      the state to ensure that the Legislature hears their voices loud and
      clear. As we move forward, we will continue to work with Empire State
      Pride Agenda and allies in the state to engage elected officials about
      why all Americans deserve the protections and responsibilities that
      only marriage provides.

      "Every couple in a loving and committed relationship should be able to
      obtain the legal protections that only come with marriage," added
      Solmonese. "We know that the struggle for equality is never quick or
      easy, but history has taught us that with determination, debate and
      devotion - the side of progress ultimately prevails. We will continue
      to move forward."

      The Court of Appeals Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye dissented and wrote,
      "I am confident that future generations will look back on today's
      decision as an unfortunate misstep." One other judge joined the dissent.

      Bolstered by all major research studies, the prevailing professional
      opinion is that a parent's sexual orientation has nothing to do with
      his or her ability to be a good parent. The nation's leading child
      welfare, psychological and children's health organizations also have
      issued policy or position statements in this regard, including:

      * American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (1999)
      * American Academy of Family Physicians (2002)
      * American Academy of Pediatrics (2006)
      * American Bar Association (1995, 1999 and 2003)
      * American Medical Association (2004)
      * American Psychiatric Association (1997 and 2002)
      * American Psychoanalytic Association (2002)
      * American Psychological Association (1976 and 2004)
      * Child Welfare League of America (1988)
      * National Adoption Center (1998)
      * National Association of Social Workers (2002)
      * North American Council on Adoptable Children (1998)

      The American Academy of Pediatrics journal published a report this
      month finding that children of same-sex couples would benefit from
      marriage fairness for their parents. For more on the opinion of
      leading professional organizations, visit:
      http://www.hrc.org/professional_opinion/ .