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2219Bishop says Europe no model for schism

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  • umcornet
    Dec 2, 2003
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      DECEMBER 2, 2003
      Bishop says Europe no model for schism

      [ACNS source: The Convocation of American Churches in Europe] The Rt
      Revd Pierre W. Whalon, Bishop-in-charge of the Convocation of American
      Churches in Europe, says that the situation of the four Anglican
      jurisdictions in Europe provides no model for parallel
      jurisdictions. "I am quite disturbed," said the bishop, "to hear over
      and over that we have a model for parallel jurisdictions that could
      help solve the present crisis in the Episcopal Church. Nothing could
      be further from the truth."

      Writing in his regular column in this week's Anglicans Online, Bishop
      Whalon explains the convoluted situation in Europe, with its two
      geographical dioceses and two essentially non-geographical
      jurisdictions. He then discusses existing parallel jurisdictions
      as "the institutionalization of schisms".

      "Schism is so much worse than heresy," the bishop remarked about his
      article, echoing his very first Anglicans Online column published four
      years ago. "Heresy eventually burns itself out, because it is wrong,
      or else its kernel of truth gets incorporated into the Church's
      self-understanding. Schism, however, lasts for centuries and is very
      difficult to reverse. Schism has never resolved a conflict. It is
      moreover utter disobedience of our Lord, who commands us without
      exception to 'love one another as he has loved us.'"

      Anglican Communion News Service, London