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221A correction, coming out and reaching out

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  • Called Out
    Jul 1, 1999

      1. A letter from Rev. Don Fado clarifying a couple points in a recent
      article in the Washington (DC) Post is available at

      2. "Whereas once a teenager might have come out in senior year with a
      burn-your-bridges disinhibition, now that same teenager is making his
      homosexuality public in middle school or ninth grade" reports the
      Washington (DC) Post, exploring this trend at
      in "Out of the Closet, but Not Out of Middle School: Gay Youths Say They're
      Aware of Sexuality Earlier".

      A Cornell University developmental psychologist looked at "data from
      nine independent studies conducted over the last 20 years to conclude
      that the average age at which young men label their same-sex attractions as
      gay dropped from almost 20 in 1979 to just 13 in 1998. They may not,
      however, definitively call themselves gay until a few years later."

      Although a right-wing newsletter editor argues that teens are being
      "recruited", the advisor of a school's gay-issues discussion group
      explains, "They are already talking about this. What we're doing is
      taking responsibility as adults to raise the level of the discussion."

      3. Two brief pieces from the Washington (DC) Blade report on religious news
      of interest.

      First, the Rev. Greg Dell has been elected to serve as a delegate to the
      United Methodist Church's General Conference 2000.

      Second, the "General Synod of the Reformed Church in America voted 'by a
      substantial margin' on June 14 not to sever ties with the United Church of
      Christ because of the latter denomination�s Gay-supportive views".

      The combined piece is found at

      -- Posted by Called Out moderator