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    Dec 24, 2002
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      May you have a blessed Christmas and happy New Year.


      A New Dimension in Snapshot of Gay Teenagers
      December 24, 2002
      New York Times
      <SNIP> Dr. Ritch C. Savin-Williams, a professor of developmental
      and clinical psychology at Cornell, says many of the
      studies are "horribly flawed" and significantly overstate
      the degree of self-destructive behavior. Moreover, he says,
      by focusing so much attention on those who are at risk
      rather than on the large majority of gay and lesbian
      teenagers who appear to be doing well, the research is
      "pathologizing" gay youth and handing conservative groups
      ammunition to argue that being gay is inherently unhealthy. <MORE>


      Thursday, December 19, 2002
      A peaceful community
      Ferndale prepares for the arrival a hate-monger
      By Kelly Peters
      Between the Lines

      FERNDALE - Led and organized by Dr. Dennis Paulson, pastor of First
      United Methodist Church, more than 150 friends and community members
      of Ferndale attended a rally that proclaimed Ferndale as a "hate-free

      Tuesday night, Dr. John Corvino held the audience with his lecture
      titled, "What' Morally Wrong with Homosexuality." He outlined the
      arguments used by the anti-gay community to explain why homosexuality
      is wrong. Corvino is also an assistant professor of philosophy at
      Wayne State University in Detroit. <MORE>


      Thursday, December 19, 2002
      Roseville man attacked at Denny's
      By Kelly Peters
      Between the Lines

      ROSEVILLE - A gay employee of Denny's restaurant chain, endured more
      than a year of harassment from a fellow co-worker and pleaded with
      managers to help him out. The situation came to a head on Nov. 9 when
      Harold Shank was stabbed by a coworker with a fork.

      "I'm okay, it was just a scratch but in order to defend myself, I hit
      him on the head with a cup," said Shank. The co-worker had to get
      three stitches in his head because of the injury and the Roseville
      police were called in to write up a police report. <MORE>


      Wednesday, December 18, 2002
      Pataki Signs Law Protecting Rights of Gays

      ALBANY, Dec. 17 - Thirty-one years after the first gay
      rights bill was introduced in Albany, Gov. George E. Pataki
      today signed into law a bill extending civil rights
      protections to gays and lesbians in the state - hours after
      the Republican-led State Senate mustered the votes to
      approve it. <MORE>


      December 14, 2002
      World Briefing: Americas

      Aires granted legal status to gay and lesbian couples, allowing
      benefits like pensions and hospital visits, a move hailed as a first
      for the country. The law will cover insurance policies and health
      benefits covered by the municipal local government only. But it will
      not permit same-sex couples to adopt children nor marry. (Reuters)

      Two Features:

      December 4, 2002
      Long Road Home
      The Gully

      One Face of Gay Africa: Part 1. Cheikh Traor� is a 35 year-old AIDS
      educator working with African communities in London. He talks about
      his work, and what it was like growing up gay in West Africa.

      December 12, 2002
      Creating Community in Exile
      The Gully

      One Face of Gay Africa: Part 2. Cheikh Traor� talks about his life in
      London and his struggle to "invent this notion of being gay and


      D.C. Church Authorizes Same-Sex Unions
      By Caryle Murphy and Bill Broadway
      Washington Post Staff Writers
      Tuesday, December 10, 2002; Page B01

      National City Christian Church, a prominent mainline congregation in
      Northwest Washington, has decided to allow same-sex weddings in its

      The unanimous decision on Saturday by its board of elders places the
      159-year-old congregation, where U.S. presidents James A. Garfield
      and Lyndon B. Johnson once worshiped, among a small number of D.C.
      area churches that permit such services, often called "covenant
      ceremonies." <MORE>


      December 7, 2002
      International: Britain Announces Proposal for Same-Sex Partnerships

      The partnerships would give homosexual couples property and
      inheritance rights and grant each person the status of next-of-kin to
      the other.


      Friday, 6 December, 2002, 16:21 GMT
      Gay couples 'to get equal rights'

      Gay men, lesbians and bisexuals would be granted many of the same
      rights as married couples under UK Government plans for
      legally-recognised civil partnerships. Barbara Roche, the Minister
      for Social Exclusion and Equalities, says there is a strong case for
      allowing same-sex couples to register their relationships. <MORE>


      Thursday, December 5, 2002
      Portland facing lawsuit over partner rule
      By MARK SHANAHAN, Portland Press Herald Writer

      Calling provisions of Portland's domestic-partner ordinance coercive
      and illegal, Catholic Charities Maine announced Wednesday it will
      challenge the law in court.

      John Kerry, chief executive officer, said the social-service agency
      will sue the city for withholding public funds because Catholic
      Charities does not, as required by the ordinance, offer
      domestic-partner benefits to its employees. <MORE>

      December 10, 2002

      BTL-Digest Breaking Community Press Release
      From: Arcus Foundation; 303 N. Rose St., Suite 300; Kalamazoo,
      MI 49007
      Contact: Linda May, Executive Director; 269/373-4373

      Arcus Foundation will donate $10 to gay advocacy group
      for every minute anti-gay hate group demonstrates in Ferndale

      Kalamazoo, Mich.-The Arcus Foundation has pledged to donate to a gay
      rights organization for every minute Fred Phelps and his hate group
      demonstrate during an anti-gay protest planned for Dec. 21-22 in

      Arcus will donate $10 per minute (up to $2,000) to the Detroit
      chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
      (PFLAG). The chapter plans to devote all donations toward its
      efforts to fight bigotry, violence and hate through education,
      support and advocacy programs on behalf of the gay, lesbian, bisexual
      and transgender (GLBT) community.

      "We're pleased to join this creative and positive response to Fred
      Phelps' hateful message," says Arcus Foundation president and founder
      Jon Stryker. "Every minute of his group's offensive rhetoric will be
      translated into a financial vote for love, compassion and support
      toward the people they seek to condemn."

      A group of gay, religious and city leaders in Ferndale has promoted
      the per-minute pledges as a peaceful protest to Phelps'

      Phelps, 73, is the Kansas preacher who travels the nation with his
      family to proclaim hate for homosexuals. According to the Detroit
      Free Press, his group will target Ferndale churches, city council
      members and others he says are "befriending Satan" by tolerating gays
      and lesbians.

      The Arcus Foundation of Kalamazoo, Mich., seeks to contribute to a
      pluralistic society that celebrates diversity and dignity, invests in
      youth and justice and promotes tolerance and compassion. Arcus has
      awarded grants to several state and national organizations that work
      to improve the quality of life of the GLBT community.

      For more information:



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