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1Valentine's Resource Book, 1999

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  • Called Out
    Dec 19 10:03 AM
      Hello All:

      Our information list continues to grow. Welcome to our new members.
      CORNET, the United Methodist Covenant Relationships Network, will be
      holding its second annual Valentine's celebration of all couples,
      regardless of gender, in February 1999. Watch
      http://www.umaffirm.org/cornet/valenti.html for more information.

      A gallery of Valentine's web clip art will soon open. It, like the
      celebration, will be inclusive of all couples, regardless of gender.

      Here is information about a resource book we are making available.
      It will be "off press" very soon.



      Valentine's Resource Book, 1999

      VALENTINE BOOK, 60 pages, bound. $10.00, including postage and handling.
      Published by Affirmation: United Methodists for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual
      and Transgender Concerns; edited by Alice G. Knotts.

      The Valentine Book is a 60 page manual with helps for every person who
      wants to plan a 1999 Valentine service. There are sample services with
      incredibly beautiful liturgies. There's a model press release to help
      you let the public know about what you are doing. Little e-mail notes
      tell of the joy of such occasions, and remind people about the
      importance of details like the toppers on cakes for a reception.

      Clergy and laity who are sitting on the fence about the whole prospect
      of ecclesiastical disobedience will find Chip Aldridge's sermon to be
      thought-provoking. People asking questions about the meaning of joining
      together can read a paper that explores the relation of this action to
      Christian faith.

      A few short documents in the Valentine Book come from the CORNET web
      site. Longer documents are published here for the first time.

      To order, send your name, street address, phone number and e-mail
      address to:

      Valentine Books are to be ordered from Affirmation. Checks are payable
      to Affirmation.

      The address is:
      PO Box 1021
      Evanston, IL 60204