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Re: GCSE results

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  • Shelley McLoughlin
    ... system made my head spin, but that s because it seems to be very different from ours. How old is your son, about 18 ??, would help to put his place in
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 26, 2000
      >Congratulations from helene in Denmark. All that talk about your schooling
      system made my head spin, but that's because it seems to be very different
      from ours. How old is your son, about 18 ??, would help to put his place in
      relation to our system, if you know what I mean.

      This is where it gets a little complicated regarding age! We spent a year in
      Canada and when we came back to England he was too late to start the two
      year GCSE course. The school year runs from September to July and he started
      school in March so he had missed quite a lot of the course. So it was
      decided to put him back a year. Normally the GCSE course starts in the
      school year in which you will become 15 and ends after they have turned 16.
      Leigh was 17 in February of this year so he's quite a bit older than his
      friends (he's now just started driving lessons). While in Canada he had been
      home schooled (that's a whole other story) and basically he had missed a
      whole year of school while we where away so putting him back to get used to
      school again was a good idea. After finishing GCSE's at 16 they have the
      choice of leaving and finding work (not a good choice) or staying on either
      at school (if the school has a 6th form to continue their education) or
      going to college. This is usually to do a 2 year course either with academic
      qualifications like A levels in their chosen subjects - this will lead them
      on to continuing their education at university if they want - or a more
      vocational course (a more 'hands on' type course) such as beauty therapy,
      hair dressing, business administration, nursery nursing, child care,
      carpentry, electrical installation - that sort of thing. The education
      system is currently changing and from this year there is also a possibility
      of being able to do courses that combine both A levels and vocational
      subjects. I hope this makes sense to you! If anyone can explain it better -
      feel free!

      My son is doing the straight A level option. He had the choice of staying at
      school as his school does have a 6th form, or going to college. But the
      college wasn't offering the technology (graphics) course he wanted to do,
      and as he doesn't drive (yet) he would have to go by bus which is quite a
      trek and would take him quite a while. So he will be staying on at school
      for his A levels.

      Sorry about this being so long and complicated!

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