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  • Susan
    Hi everyone, I m Susan. I m a real beginner at polyclay. All I ve done is play. I m interested in making jewelry, so have done a few flat things. I d like
    Message 1 of 1 , May 14, 2000
      Hi everyone, I'm Susan. I'm a real beginner at
      polyclay. All I've done is play. I'm interested
      in making jewelry, so have done a few flat things.
      I'd like to try small figures too.

      I took a sculpting class a couple years ago and
      really loved it. But... don't have an area in
      my home that can take that clay mess. So when
      I found polyclay I was thrilled.

      I've been reading the posts and am so inspired.
      And the pictures......<sigh>.....well, someday!

      I'm really excited about this group.


      --- Margaret Reid <mfhreid@...>
      > Welcome to sbrobst@... (Susan Brobst)! Please
      > take a minute to
      > tell us about yourself - how you found out about
      > polyclay, what you like
      > to make with it.
      > Margaret
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