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Sculpey Flex and Bleached Premo

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  • Sue Heaser
    In message , UKPolyClay@onelist.com writes ... Katherine, you must mean Sculpey Flex. It is made by Polyform in Chicago and you
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      In message <949395291.24979@onelist.com>, UKPolyClay@onelist.com writes
      >Sue: I am writing from the states to inquire of a clay that once cured has
      >a very lot of flexibility.

      Katherine, you must mean Sculpey Flex. It is made by Polyform in Chicago
      and you can get it by mail order from many of the online suppliers such
      as the Clay Factory at http://www.clayfactoryinc.com/

      And the other question:
      >Seu do you think of supliing bleach premo i never workt with it but someone
      >send me some from the u.s.a

      Hello Nat, yes I know this clay. It is only available from the Clay
      Factory (see above) and is not part of the Premo range. It is only
      available in 450gm blocks. I have been told that it does not have the
      safety clearance for Europe which is why it is not being imported at
      present. I am sure you could order direct from the Clay Factory
      yourself. I will not be able to stock it here at the Clay Pit unless it
      get safety clearance, for obvious reasons.

      My tests on Translucent clays show that the new Fimo Classic 00 is a
      very good transparent clay - not quite as see-through as Premo but
      whiter. It is based on the old favourite, Art Translucent. So you might
      give that one a try out - I find it similar to bleached Premo
      translucent, and at least it is easily available in Europe!

      Sue Heaser

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