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  • faun bonewits
    ... well if i did not have central air, I d be painting insteador dying wool ? the electric power here north of chicago is none 2 stable it blows out winter
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 31, 1999
      Margaret Reid wrote:

      > Is it too hot to clay? Has your clay turned to goo? Is it permanently
      > stuck to your fingers? Or is the temperature just right for claying?
      > Let us know!

      well if i did not have central air, I'd be painting insteador dying wool ?
      the electric power here north of chicago is none 2 stable
      it blows out winter summer and storms
      and the Elevated{el trains even have problems]
      down in the city its worse thousands not knowing when thier power will be
      we've lost our food 2 times already this year

      last night it extinguished the cable company and then my tv crashed and my
      it was just a little too dark to do clay by candlelight
      today every thing is back up so far

      I think the show sounds fun that you all are putting to gether
      I'm excited for you

      good luck pricing & teaching
      tons of folks don't know what polymer clay is
      and they expect mass production prices
      and just don't realise each sculpture or beads
      takes the same attention and work as the first one
      I make small figures adn dolls some one at the show said i must have bought
      other dolls tore of the heads and put them on top of the bodies I made
      guess my faces looked to good to be true and now that there a push face
      its even more unusual to think I sculpt my own faces and hands and feet
      so I end up showing and teaching more than selling
      but the more informed my customer is the more they appreciate my peices
      the ones who have tried clay buy the most

      a newish magazine American style finaally wrote up polymer clays as a art
      it has pictures of some real nice things, from tons of artists
      I hope you can find it out there?

      but selling my beads to bead stores,
      I have gotten all sorts of lines
      we don't sell polymer clay, glass only

      then they get stuff imported for less pennies than I can get the clay whole

      I was told to bring in my miniature animal beads I got there he refused to
      see them
      he said He couldn't sell polyclay, next time I went back there weere snoman
      faces made out of polymer right on the counter

      making clay stuff has to be a passion
      if you are in it for the money this is not what you will get

      sorry I got long winded

      do have a great sale! It will be great to hear how well you do
      break a leg~!

      faun in the oven known as Chicago

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