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  • ShelleyM
    Jean - I have an atlas and an imperia. The atlas is by far the better machine. I ll be in Dan s mica pardigm shift class as well so if we don t catch up
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2005
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      Jean - I have an atlas and an imperia. The atlas is by far the better
      machine. I'll be in Dan's mica pardigm shift class as well so if we don't
      catch up together before, perhaps we'll be able to then. 'Conditioning' clay
      is something several folk can't agree on! Although I've always been told to
      condition clay thoroughly before use - even the soft clays, all I do is
      condition them enough to make them usable. Fimo (and the older it is the
      harder it is) needs the most conditioning to get it to a workable state.
      Premo very little indeed. If you were using premo for your classes I
      wouldn't work too hard at getting it conditioned. So long as it's sorta
      conditioned a bit before, you can get it workable very quickly. On the other
      hand if you are mostly using fimo you want to get it as well conditioned
      before the class as you can.

      As for curing it, the best thing I can think of is to make sure you have an
      oven thermometer and check the temperature. Too short a cooking time, or too
      low a temperature (even if you cook it for longer) will result in brittle
      pieces taht break easily and wont be properly cured. I tend to bake for at
      least an hour even the smallest of pieces, I just make sure the oven is full
      before I start baking!

      As for an airtight bag. So long as it's covered to keep dust off, it doesn't
      have to be airtight. You just really only need to stop the different colours
      touching each other and to keep the dust/cat hair off. Some cling films
      degrade and become 'one' with polymer clay - basically it eats them up. Do a
      test on a small bit of clay to see what your cling film is like. I either
      wrap clay in cling film or shove it in little plastic baggies.

      Thanks for the nice comments about my website. That picy of my display was
      taken a few years ago, I really need to take another one. Some of the set up
      has changed.

      I took a gander around your site too. WOW, lots of lovely beady stuff. It's
      funny I have patience for complex caning, but none whatsoever for complex

      Do look me up if you are ever in my neck of the woods. I'm about to book
      more fairs for the summer so there will be even more dates added soon.


      I was going to buy my pasta machine today but will stay in out of the snow
      I was going to try and get an atlas as i'd been told them were the best.
      The classes I'm taking are the Mokume Dan Cormier one, the miniature and
      jewellery art clay ones on saturday, and mica paradigm shift with Dan
      Cormier on sunday.
      I've used art clay silver before so am not too worried about that. I'm just
      worried about being in a class taight by someone who'd obviously highly
      regarded when I'm a complete beginner.
      I have played with polymer clay before- not very successfully- I didn't
      condition the clay and either cooked it too long or not long enough! so it
      didn't last very long. I'm hoping that with more practice I'll come to
      recognise where I'm going wrong etc.

      I really liked your website- it's always nice to see more beads! Your
      display for shows looks fantastic and I noticed you're near my inlaws so
      next time I'm down there I'll have to check if you have a fair on
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