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953Re: [UKPolyClay] Happy New Year!

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  • Pörrö Törrönen
    Jan 10, 2001
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      Hi all !

      I just found out there is a list for us non US polyclayers. Wow. I noticed
      there are plenty of familiar names here, but never the less let me introduce
      I am Pörrö, 29 years old. Have an adorable little girl named Taika, 1 year 9
      month. I am home with her, so my claying time is less than I would like it
      to be :-)
      Have been claying for some years now. Seriously about 6, before that I only
      had played with Fimo for few times.
      I am mostly interested in jewellery, although I make buttons and eggs for
      sale too. Last years, when the kid has been here, have only gone for few
      shows a year and sold to friends and neiboroughs. Next spring I will try to
      find some galleries to sell my stuff.

      I got a bench grinder for Xmas. Have still not tried it, have been having a
      real difficulty to find a muslin buffing wheel from local hardware stores
      (have searched in 8 so far !) I remember I have seen those many times, but
      now that I need them, they are hiding from me. While waiting to find those,
      I have made some experiments trying translucent layering techniques with
      Fimo Soft. It is interesting !


      The house of the Rising Pörrö
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