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806Re: [UKPolyClay] Digest Number 295

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  • ruth demler
    Jul 1, 2000

      I am happy to see there are others out there with a love of polymer clay! I
      live in Barrow, Alaska, the very tip top of Alaska situated on the Arctic
      Ocean. Gets pretty cold up here, and it is always a good idea to have a lot
      of indoor activities.

      I started learning about polymer clay just a few short months ago, and have
      been wonderfully amazed by what I can do with it. It started with wanting
      to build a doll house, running into egg art, and miniatures. My idea is to
      study polymer clay to make miniatures for the egg art.

      I have made jewelry for friends, and hair pieces for my 3 teenage daughters.
      They wear them to school, and all of a sudden, all the teenage girls want
      one. I am in the process of putting together some projects to sell at the
      Christmas fair this year.

      Today, I am trying to put together a polar bear cane. I have found a
      wonderful picture of just the right polar bear for the project. Not sure
      what I will do with the cane, but will be challenging, and hopefully, turn
      out wonderfully.

      Glad to be meeting such nice folks. Hope there are lots of other ideas out
      there to share.

      Staying Warm!
      Ruth Demler
      Barrow, Alaska

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