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  • Leisa Webb
    Jun 3, 2000
      Hi Shelly,

      First of all, thank you!!! :)

      The mirrors are about the same size as on the scan, I don't have the
      patience to do anything very big (so many projects, so little time
      LOL), also I've found the small ones sell more easily.

      I make them by rolling out a fairly thin sheet of clay (about halfway
      along on the pasta machine settings), I then lie the mirror face up
      on this and cut the edge to whatever shape. Then I make another sheet
      the same thickness, and put that on top, smooth the edges together,
      and cut out the aperture you can see the mirror through..then I put
      the decoration on (does that make sense???) It's quite quick and only
      uses about 1 pack of clay for a small mirror.

      The filigree effect was something I saw in Donna Kato's book, she
      made some filigree beads, but I adapted the idea slightly for a

      I get my mirrors from my local Hobbycraft shop, they work out at
      about 1-2 for about £1 depending on the size..the mirror for the
      square one I scanned is one of these, I think I got 2 of those for
      about £1..if you wanted something bigger, have you thought about
      mirror tiles from a DIY store? I've only ever seen square ones and
      you have to buy a few, but it might be worth looking into! (Just
      don't start asking the assistants if you can put any useful looking
      stuff you might see in there in the oven..take it from me, they think
      you're REALLY strange LOL)

      One last idea..I made some pendants in the same way as the mirrors
      using sisha glass mirrors that are normally used for embroidery-
      those sold well and also looked nice displayed with the mirrors.

      BTW if you've got a scanner, I would love to see your mirror!

      Well, I think I've talked enough for now! Chat to you all soon,

      Leisa :)

      --- In UKPolyClay@egroups.com, "Shelley McLoughlin" <shelleym@t...>
      > Leisa,
      > Love your mirrors. What sort of size are they? They are beautiful I
      > especially like the filigree covered one. Did you cover a frame or
      put the
      > clay straight on the mirror?
      > I make jewellery, but I recently covered a mirror as my old one
      that I use
      > for customers to view potential purchases had broken (I knelt on it
      > putting things away!) I was really pleased with it and several
      people have
      > said I should make more and try and sell some. Trouble is it took
      > and used an awful lot of clay. I know it wouldn't be worth my while
      to try
      > and make them quite like that to sell (not if I can only get about
      £10 for a
      > mirror that takes me 4 hours and uses two packs of clay!) What I
      would like
      > to do is get some mirrors with a frame and just embelish the
      corners with
      > clay, but I haven't a clue where to get mirrors cheaply in larger
      > than 1.
      > Where do you get your mirrors if you don't mind me asking. Any
      > covering tips?
      > Shelley
      > http://homepages.tesco.net/~mcloughlin/shellpag.htm
      > >I've added a scan of some of my polymer clay mirrors to the shared
      > >files for you to have a look at..let me know what you think!
      > >
      > >Leisa :)
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