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  • Shelley McLoughlin
    Jun 1, 2000
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      Love your mirrors. What sort of size are they? They are beautiful I
      especially like the filigree covered one. Did you cover a frame or put the
      clay straight on the mirror?

      I make jewellery, but I recently covered a mirror as my old one that I use
      for customers to view potential purchases had broken (I knelt on it while
      putting things away!) I was really pleased with it and several people have
      said I should make more and try and sell some. Trouble is it took forever
      and used an awful lot of clay. I know it wouldn't be worth my while to try
      and make them quite like that to sell (not if I can only get about £10 for a
      mirror that takes me 4 hours and uses two packs of clay!) What I would like
      to do is get some mirrors with a frame and just embelish the corners with
      clay, but I haven't a clue where to get mirrors cheaply in larger quantities
      than 1.

      Where do you get your mirrors if you don't mind me asking. Any mirror
      covering tips?


      >I've added a scan of some of my polymer clay mirrors to the shared
      >files for you to have a look at..let me know what you think!
      >Leisa :)
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