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714Re: poly supplies sale

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  • Amelia Currier
    May 2, 2000
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      Dear Fellow Poly Artists,
      I am having a "it's cheaper to sell it than to ship it
      home", sale. When I came here from the States last
      summer I had loads of supplies sent here which I would
      now like to unload. Alot of it I got wholesale so
      prices will refect this.
      I have an Atlas pasta machine,lots of Classic Fimo in
      bricks and small chunks,liquid sculpy,an extruder,some
      rollers,poly clay books,all types of beads;japanese
      delicas,titanium,wood, bone,etc. Also leather,silk and
      rubber cord and various findings for jewelry making.
      Please call me, Amy Currier at 020 73545108. I live in
      London in Highbury, walking distance from the Highbury
      & Islington Tube, and am usually home or you can leave
      a message.

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