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577Please Join my 2000 project!

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  • The Crafty Owl
    Jan 2, 2000

      I'm starting a 2000 beads for 2000 AD project. Each bead must be made
      from Polymer Clay, and they must all be different. I'd like as many
      people as possible to be involved in the finished piece (which will be
      displayed at the Bead Society of Great Britain's Bead Fair in October
      and will probably end up in the Bead Museum in Arizona). I hope to make
      it a large cone-shaped spiral of beads on wire.

      The project will be documented - scans of the beads will be kept with
      the name etc. of the maker. You can make one or two beads, or more.
      Beads must be between half an inch and an inch on the longest
      measurement, with fairly large holes to take the wire (but I can ream
      out, so don't worry too much about the holes).

      Anyone care to contribute some beads to this? If you are not usually a
      beadmaker, consider making whatever you usually make but small, and
      putting a hole through it!
      {'-'} The Crafty Owl