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514Re: Digest Number 168

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  • Laure
    Dec 1, 1999
      > What is everyone finding popular this Xmas, colours, items etc? I've found
      > mokume gane in any colour is going really well, but otherwise anything in
      > purple/lilac or dark blue. And hat pins appear to have come back in fashion
      > and are also selling.

      Interesting to hear about that. I'd always been told to follow European trends closely because they'll show up here in the States the next year or two. Blue is really big here for a lot of decorations lately. Which is cool, since I like the color, especially paired with silver, which is what you see mostly on christmas trees. Snowmen are very popular. I've heard several folks are doing well selling them. Penguins, too. Still some holdover Victorian style things -- crocheted bells, angels in gowns, Old World St. Nick's lots of mauve -- from the last couple years. LOTS of glass look stuff, and
      cast metal look like old time toys.