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432Re: cold enamels

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  • Jenny Dowde
    Nov 1, 1999
      Sue Heaser wrote:

      > From: Sue Heaser <sue@...>
      > Oops, sorry Jenny, I did not realise/remember you were in OZ -

      LOL..that's OK...I do the same thing myself at times....and you probably didn't
      realise it was me you very kindly sent notes to some time ago?

      > Antipodean one is Golding Handcrafts of NZ and they have listed
      > "Aristocrat Epoxy - Liquid Ceramic" which looks like the same stuff. You
      > need to find anything that says it is epoxy and you add a hardener to
      > the colours to make them set. Do let me know if you find something and I
      > can pass the info on to the next Aussie who asks me!

      OK...this gives me a clue or two to start with. And if all else fails I'll try
      contacting NZ....If I find a source in OZ, I'll let you know. My husband just said
      that places that sell supplies for stained glass might sell it...so I'll look into

      > Gosh - don't you have Dryad booklets over there? I have even seen them
      > in Kenya!

      ROFL...we don't have ANYTHING here....or if we do it's a heck of a job finding it.
      Finding any clay resources drives me NUTS here....so I go to the US mostly. I have
      a personal shopper there.....<G>

      Thanks for your help.....

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