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  • Tom Ingham
    Sep 1, 1999
      Hi everyone!
      What have I been up to... well, I really enjoyed my holiday to Wales, where I was up in the mountains learning to make silver jewellery.Oooh - blowtorches and acid! I had a brilliant time, learnt loads of things, and I'm going to set up my own silver workshop after christmas In the meantime I'm working on designs to incorporate polyclay and silver together.
      My grandmother gave me a crystal drop bead which I have combined with fimo into a curious looking object, where you look through a coin with a hole in it, through the crystal, and you see six of everything!
      Does anyone in the U.K know of a place that supplies anodised aluminium and prisms/lenses, as I want some and can't find any.
      Sue Heaser - I'm looking forward to the October meeting, I hope you got my slip through the post O.K.
      Sorry I've not contributed much to the list lately, it's not always that easy to get on the computer!

      Alison Ingham.