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2327Holographic foil transfer to polyclay

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  • Alan Vernall
    May 9, 2007
      Hi All,

      You may have tried to transfer foils like JonesTones, Tonertex etc
      etc to polyclay and have found that the holographic ones either won't
      transfer or need a heck of a lot more effort (extra burnishing,
      overnight contact, liquid clay on the clay's surface etc etc) and
      even then, the holos are very hit-and-miss. Even if it will transfer,
      the claybake heat can markedly dull the holo effects!

      I've found some extremely cheap (6 assorted holo sheets of different
      patterns 300 x 500mm each sheet) for about £11.

      I discovered its transferability to clay quite by chance.

      The foil is sold as 'Smart image' material by both Rapid electronics
      and Middlesex University. All six designs are silver overall and the
      patterns are small enough for jewllery use.

      The MU product is slightly cheaper, but their postal costs are quite
      Here's the link if you're interested...


      Happy clayings,