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  • Jacqui
    Jul 4, 2006
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      Do any of you use a gas oven to bake clay? Although I have not yet
      done any clay work, as I am still waiting for my dh to reconnect our
      older cooker which was to be removed for additional cupboard space, I
      have got my daughter hooked on clay.I told her she had to look at my
      excellant book about polymer clay jewellery, while on a brief
      infrequent visit home, and has gone back to her own flat determined to
      start with some teddy bears. Her oven is gas, so I have tried to find
      info which mentions gas ovens, however all seem to imply electic,
      therefore I am concerned that it may be dangerous to bake in an oven
      with actual flames. If so I will advise her to wait and get a small
      toaster oven. I hope someone is able to answer my question soon,
      because I think she is now so keen to start I will need to warn her
      before any problems occur. Jacqui
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