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2187Axminster woodturning kits

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  • Alan Vernall
    Jan 4, 2006
      Hi All,

      And a very happy new year.

      Before Christmas, I was digging around in the Axminster tools sections -
      (wondering if I dare get Mary another workbench as a romantic present)
      and I came across a section devoted to woodturning kits.

      There're all kinds of cutlery blanks, pillbox metalwork, pen innards,
      shaving kits, even walking stick parts - all designed to have turned
      wooden parts added to them.

      What's suitable for turned wood is also suitable for polyclay!

      Sooo - my brother-in-law now has a malachite based pepper mill and Mary
      has a quilted dog whistle for Wood-Rufff to ignore.

      Have a look - it's very interesting what exists for woodworkers(AND