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2144Re: Great weekend & armorall info

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  • Alan Vernall
    Apr 6, 2005
      Hi Shelley,

      I'm very pleased Polydays went well and all enjoyed themselves - I
      was there in spirit - that may account for a bit of the inevitable

      I didn't know that ArmorAll was available over here - I tend to use
      another silicone based releasant aerosol - 'Electrosil' or similar.
      Very well found you.

      Take care, Alan

      --- In UKPolyClay@yahoogroups.com, "Shelley" <shelley@s...> wrote:
      > This is just a quickie as I wave to everyone here that I met this
      > weekend at Polydays (and an extra wave to everyone who didn't go
      > I didn't get to meet). I had an absolutely fantastic time, if
      > somewhat exhausting!
      > While I was there the subject of Armorall came up in conversation -
      > for those that have never heard of it, it is available in the US
      > is used as a release agent for moulds and things. I was informed
      > (thank you Francis) you can get the equivalent over here in
      > and it goes by the name of Son of a Gun. I duly went to Halfords
      > today and they have never heard of it! So back home I come and do
      > some surfing, and found this site:
      > http://www.autostoressuperstore.co.uk/ - not only do they stock Son
      > of a Gun, but they also have Armorall itself!! Now I have to decide
      > which to order - the Son of a Gun is slightly cheaper, oh decision,
      > decisions!
      > Although this is probably something Alan Vernall already knew about
      > (he always knows the coolest tools and where to get them), but it
      > was new to me, so I thought I'd share!
      > Shelley
      > www.shelleym.co.uk
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