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2024Re: Alan, what did you do with the eggs?

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  • Alan Vernall
    Jun 11, 2004
      Yes, I know the lampbases are somewhat 'chunky'.

      I really wanted to light the shades from the inside to show them off
      properly. So the bases have to be that shape to allow me to install
      reasonably avaiable(and reasonably priced!) batteries. I opted for a
      pair of AAA cells in a holder, which dictated the shape and size of
      the foot.

      Everything's a compromise!

      I downloaded dozens of photos of lamps from the net before I began to
      make them - I really did like the bronze patina'd ones. I even went
      as far as making one(but not curing it) - but it just didn't seem to
      go with the shade - possibly because, compared with the beautifully
      elegant Arts and Crafts flora inspired Tiffany ones, it looked even
      more chunky with a great lump of bronze base containing the battery

      Maybe the solution would be to have one narrow and elegant stand for
      show and another battery-filled one for function - with a swappable
      shade - of course!


      --- In UKPolyClay@yahoogroups.com, "Katherine Dewey" <kadewey@e...>
      > I certainly like the shades, but know you can create a better base,
      > something in the arts and crafts style. Have you considered a base
      > done in black and highlighted with bronze powders, a base with bark
      > like texture? That's easily done by scraping crumpled tin foil
      > its length. Brush down with alcohol to make it appear smoother,
      > then apply the leaves and powder.
      > Katherine
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