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1997Re: [UKPolyClay] Events in Kent UK?

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  • Moray
    Apr 8, 2004
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      I live in Hythe, Kent. I didn't not get any reply from this list where the
      demos are being held which is a pity.

      Got a leaflet come through the door today and there's a Craft & Design Show
      in Canterbury on 16-18 April at the Canterbury University Sports Centre.
      There is a web site to have a look see for details if this help, is at
      www.craftinfocus.com This didn't mention of any one with polymer clay.

      As I have just started myself being very green in polymer clay and have been
      pracisting to get to know the clay, blending, rolling by hand and pasta wise

      Otherwise I am no wiser where these shows are being held.

      Let me know if you hear anything too from your end.


      Subject: Re: [UKPolyClay] Events in Kent UK?
      > If you find anything can you please let me know.
      > I live in Ramsgate, Kent and there never seems to be anything near me.
      > Have a beautiful day,

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