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1943Re: [UKPolyClay] RE:new starter

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  • Emma Ralph
    Jan 5, 2004
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      HI Shelley

      Actually, the NEW new fimo soft is very nice. Very similar to Premo for
      handling. Doesnt have that chalky, crumble that the old fimo soft had. It is
      soft from the off, but at least with the black and white - not too soft to
      handle (the mica clays I tried WERE too soft, but they were from Staedtler
      as samples and so could have been just too fresh) . And, unlike the classic
      Fimo, no air bubbles either. I dont think the colours are quite as saturated
      as Premo or Fimo Classic though.

      I have only used a few blocks so far of the new fimo soft, but I have really
      liked it. - Yes - ME sticking up for Fimo soft, can you believe it! If you
      can find it, try some of the latest fimo soft - it is very very different. I
      have always loved Fimo classic best, but the new formulation just has too
      many air bubbles for me. Cut that stuff open and it is like a sponge! I am
      finding myself veer more and more towards the soft now. The fimo soft white
      is really the whitest white too. It makes the classic white look yellow.


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      > The alternative to buying separate blocks of Premo as Tania suggested, and
      > depending where you are (difficult to get Premo in the UK), is buying a
      > starter set of fimo soft. You can get both fimo classic and fimo soft
      > starter sets I believe. Although I still use mainly fimo classic, I am
      > careful where I get it and 'test' it first. It can be exceedingly hard if
      > not stored correctly or if it is very old. And there is nothing worse than
      > hard fimo to put someone off from getting very far with polymer clay. Fimo
      > soft is a lot softer and better bet for beginners (but has an odd feel
      IMO -
      > probably because I'm now used to fimo classic). Fimo soft mixed packs come
      > with half blocks of clay so you get a nice variety of different colours
      > your money.
      > Do follow Tan's advise and take a look at some of the projects that are
      > there, or take a trip to Polymer Clay Central.
      > Hope that helps a bit, just holla if ya need any more help.
      > Shelley
      > www.shelleym.co.uk
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