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1921Not to be missed sale.

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  • Alan Vernall
    Nov 5 12:26 PM
      Hi All,

      I'm going to do my usual 'heads-up' about something which should be
      of interest to clayers and crafters in general.

      Maplin Electronics is having a Christmas sale.

      Remember I mentioned the hot-water-maleable mouldant 'Polymorph' -
      it's on sale at much reduced prices.

      Ref - N14AT = 500g

      Also, in the tools section, they have an adjustable speed low voltage
      drill kit with tools and as part of the deal, they're bundling it
      with another set of appropriate tools. All for £25!

      Ref - N08AX (with free N29AN)

      Also, they've begun to sell a glue which is specifically designed for
      PVC - it works like magic on broken clay pieces.(it's water-clear by
      the way)

      Ref - N34BA £1.99 tube

      Have a look at the website...


      or one of their shops.