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1769Re: Anyone going to polydays?

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  • Shelley McLoughlin
    Apr 2, 2003
      Hey there Sue - Polydays is a 2 day away thingy. Organised by the British
      Polymer Clay Guild, it consists of 2 days of classes fun and pasta machines!
      It's held every other year at about this time of year it seems. This will be
      the 3rd time it will be held at Loughborough University Campus in
      Leicestershire. That isn't to say that it will be there every time, but they
      seem to offer the guild the best deal for accommodation and rooms for
      classes etc that they've found.

      I should have posted here months back about it. It's this weekend so it's a
      bit late for booking now! For those not local, we arrive and stay 2 nights,
      friday and saturday night - local folk can just attend the classes if they
      want. There are 3 different time slots for classes and with a choice of 5
      different classes in each slot. A class lasts 3 hours. There's 2 on the
      saturday and one on the sunday morning, the saturday evening is polyparty
      time as well as showing and possibly selling off of your wares. Sue's
      polymer clay pit is open on and off most of the weekend (can't remember the
      times) so we can also buy more supplies as we run out! Sunday afternoon
      before we head off we are also invited to the guild AGM, I'll stick around
      for that and head off afterwards.

      Oh I am definitely getting excited. Save your money for the next one sue!



      Have been reading the recent posts about Polydays...............what is
      it??????????? Is it a show of some sort???? If so, where is it and

      Any info greatly appreciated!!!!!

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