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  • Sunni/Colleen
    Apr 1, 2002
      Hello Everyone!! Just a reminder about this month's chats!! To find out when
      these chats are in your timezone, please go here:
      http://www.worldtimeserver.com/ and select New Jersey from the United
      States. When the time is shown for New Jersey, you'll see, "calculate future
      even time in New Jersey, United States" Click on that. When it finishes
      loading, find your location in the world and click on it!!

      The link for the Polymer Clay Central Chatroom is
      Please bookmark it or place it in your favorites!!

      If you would like to be on the email list to be reminded for either All
      Chats or just Guest Chats, email me offlist and I will include you!

      Sunni - coneron@...
      Polymer Clay Central Chat Coordinator

      Jack Johnston
      WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th at 9.00-11.00 PM EASTERN TIME
      For all you doll makers out there (or folks like me who want to perfect
      figures)!!! We have Jack Johnston pre-empting the Beginner Basics chat .
      Here are some highlights of what Jack has done!!

      Three books published on polymer doll making.
      Produced a series of six videos on making polymer dolls.
      His teaching schedule takes him to a different location each week.
      He developed and owns ProSculpt polymer clay company.
      He is Chairman of the Board of Directors for The Professional Doll Makers
      Art Guild.
      He has an online catalog of wonderful doll making tools.

      Please check out his website at

      Then set your calendar to drop in to visit with this amazing man!! He will
      be sharing general information about doll making, about marketing, and
      reproduction with manufacturers. The floor will be open for questions! Jack
      is a very personable man with a font of knowledge and talent. Please don't
      miss this chat!!


      Sarajane Helm - author, artist, entrepreuner and educator.
      April 2 - 1:00-3:00pm Eastern
      Personalized Tools and Production Techniques - A chat with Sarajane Helm
      about the tools you just can't work without and lots of other nifty ones
      too! Where to get them, how to personalize, customize and decorate them,
      awesome sources for Useful Things AND Places To Put Them for handy use,
      storage or travel. Also, how to better utilize your tools and your time to
      maximize productivity in the studio while emphasising quality handwork

      Sue Heaser - author, artist, entrepreuner
      April 4 - 12:00-2:00pm Eastern
      Sue Heaser is the owner of The Clay Pit in Norwich, UK. She is also the
      author of several books about polymer clay. The books are The Polymer Clay
      Techniques Book, Creative Home Decor in Polymer Clay, Making Miniature Dolls
      With Polymer Clay - How To Create And Dress Period Dolls, Making Polymer
      Clay Jewelry, and Making Doll's House Miniatures With Polymer Clay. Join us
      as we talk with Sue about her upcoming book, Mosaics With Polymer Clay, and
      what's new at The Clay Pit.


      SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! Beginning TUESDAY, APRIL 16th at 9.00-11.00 PM
      EASTERN TIME, syndee holt will be a regular guest speaker on the THIRD
      TUESDAY of EVERY MONTH!! She works for Jacquard, Polyform and Expressions
      Magazine and has her finger on the pulse of what's breaking in the craft
      industry! She will be talking each month about what's new and what's on the
      horizon. So please mark your calendars again!! You won't want to miss this
      monthly chat if you are curious about the latest trends or are trying to
      make a living with your artwork. Who knows? What she has to say may be the
      difference in getting you that leading edge!! Join us if you want to know
      the latest buzz.


      And of course, every WEDNESDAY, 9.30 PM to WHENEVER Eastern Time is the ever
      present Polymer Clay Beginner Basics. We're there to answer questions for
      newbies and more experienced clayers. There are a group of regulars at all
      experience levels waiting to answer your query! We troubleshoot, brainstorm
      and chatter, exchanging ideas and helping each other out. The Beginner Chat
      has evolved into a general question and answer regardless of how long you
      have been claying, although newbies get the priority!! A lot of fun is had
      by all, a lot of learning in a supportive and stimulating atmosphere and an
      inordinate amount of good spirited laughter. The chat is scheduled for two
      hours, but you can frequently see us still there four and five hours later!!
      So drop in and join the fun. Learn something new and share what you know!

      For the other weekleigh chats, please check out our Chat Schedule. I hope to
      see you in some of those too. If you can't make the Beginner chat, questions
      are always welcome and encouraged in any of our chats!!

      Sunni Bergeron
      Little Shephard's Busy Hands