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  • Candida Woolhouse
    Jul 1, 1999
      Hi Folks!
      Re the Artists & Illustrators rota:
      There are just one or two free passes still available as of today (1st July)
      so if you're at all interested, NOW is the time to let me know : )
      If we are unable to get you in free I do hope that anyone that comes along
      to the fair will drop by our stall (as I'm sure you all will!) & then we can
      connect some of these words to the faces they belong to...
      It really is fun - honest! So I look forward to meeting some of you there!
      Best wishes to everyone
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      From: Sue Heaser <sue@...>
      To: UKPolyClay@onelist.com <UKPolyClay@onelist.com>
      Date: 30 June 1999 23:20
      Subject: [UKPolyClay] writing about polyclay...

      >From: Sue Heaser <sue@...>
      >In message <930743804.743@onelist.com>, UKPolyClay@onelist.com writes
      >>I was wondering, (well, being nosey really) Sue Heaser - how did you get
      >>doing books, did someone approach you or did you bang on lots of peoples
      ><Grin> I assume you mean polyclay books? I was already a published
      >writer and a professional illustrator before I outlined my first
      >polyclay book. I had worked in polymer clay, making production jewellery
      >for about 10 years and so it just sort of naturally followed. I outlined
      >a polyclay book and Cassell was the first publisher I approached. But if
      >anyone is keen to try it, be warned, there are an awful lot of people
      >out there writing craft books and getting paid about 50p per hour while
      >the publishers make a killing. Publishers and magazines are very good at
      >exploiting people's longing to be published so they pay very badly
      >unless you have your wits about you.
      >BTW, is anyone able to help out at the Guild stand at the Artists and
      >Illustrators show in London in July? Free entry, lots of fun etc etc? We
      >could do with more helpers. Candida, are you there? I assume the rota is
      >not yet full???
      >Sue Heaser
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