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319Harmony Explosion with Vocal Spectrum and Finesse is THIS SUNDAY!

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  • Debi Cox
    Jun 12, 2012
      Dear fellow a cappella and barbershop fans,
      As I write this, Vocal Spectrum are in the air, have just left the US mainland and are crossing the Atlantic to come and perform in 2 amazing shows in the UK this coming weekend... (and not wanting to leave them out, Finesse are probably finishing their usual working days in the UK, or picking up kids from school, or whatever :)  )
      We're getting excited about having both fine quartets on our Sunday show in the London area... have YOU got YOUR tickets yet??
      If not:
      Please (please, please!) book your tickets NOW either by phone 020 8416 8989
      or online at  http://www.harrowarts.com/go/music/details/2462-harmony-explosion

      ...reason being, I've heard tell of a lot of barbershoppers out there saying they're definitely coming, getting groups from their choruses together, looking forward to having a great night and afterglow with some of the best of the best... as I know you all WANT to do, but the ticket sales to date don't agree :(
      a) Vocal Spectrum and Finesse both deserve to have a decent, enthusiastic British audience from the glorious South of England (and beyond, I'm not geographically biased!)
      b) I'd love to get some decent sleep anytime soon...
      c) I don't want my chorus to kill me.
      Yeah, I thought about saying "get your tickets quick, they're selling out fast", but I'm a naturally honest person, am trusting (hoping) that you're all just typically leaving it to the last minute without realising the damaging effect on my personal blood pressure, but yes, I am a little panicked. And mystified - why aren't you all beating down the box office door!?!?!

      And if you can't book the tickets immediately cos your boss is watching and listening, a quick private email reply to me "pledging" how many tickets you will buy before Sunday for yourself and family/friends might go some way to reassuring us that you'll all be there as promised!

      See you there?
      MD, Capital Connection