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Re: [U-Zendo] advice sought

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  • Lee
    What timing! I just started back on low-carb today! I stopped l a year ago August when I went back for a month to Japan, to visit Jean. So I can relate
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      What timing!   I just started back on low-carb today!   I stopped l a year ago August when I went back for a month to Japan, to visit Jean.   So I can relate to having a "non-standard" diet.  I lost 60 lbs in about 6 months.

            In the beginning, I would tell folks my diet when I was invited over for dinner.    What I will do now, is not accept dinner dates for the next couple weeks (you have to be strict in the beginning, to get the natural fat burning metabolism  kick started, but after about a month,   I can eat "normal people's" food on the weekends, or if I have dinner at a friend's, then I skip "cheating" on the weekends.   This is siimilar to what the Buddha did and what he counseled his monks to do.

               The most life harming foods we eat in modern society are refined carbohydrates.    They are not only harmful to the environment, they are not biological correct for our bodies.

      Lee Love in Minneapolis
      "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." -- Albert Einstein
    • richard horvitz
      There will be no hunting, this is a national park and I don t think hunting is even permitted there. While I don t doubt that I would be more horrified if
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        There will be no hunting, this is a national park and I don't think hunting is even permitted there.  While I don't doubt that I would be more horrified if they were hunting, if I step away from this reaction it doesn't seem any better to pay someone else to do the dirty work for you.

        I will take my copy of the hsin hsin ming with me which helps reign in my emotions a bit.

        The common trait of the members of the group is mostly a love of fine wine.  It is curious that the male members of the group, when taking joy in talking of  meat or killing animals, tend to strike a macho pose with much grunting.  It seems that they copy each other in this regard.  There is sometimes boasting about the sheer volume of meat that has been consumed at one event or another.  The women don't tend to behave like that.  However, one woman who is a meat eater is also a veterinarian.  This completely baffles me.

        Another oddity is that frequently it is only my girlfriend and I who go hiking in this huge beautiful forest.  The others tend to remain at the cabin and drink wine (or sometimes beer) and watch sports on television.  This is certainly not because we are more fit than the others.  It is a long way to drive to do what you can do at home!  In any case, I am hoping for clear weather as hiking in these woods is one of the things I love to do most.

        Congratulations, Lee.  Losing 60 pounds is an amazing feat!

        On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Pat Stacy <pstacy@...> wrote:

        Hello Richard,
        I am also a vegetarian for 26 years. My family (grown children) is not. Sometimes they like to tease me by graphic remarks about the animal they are about to eat, but most of the time they are respectful, like your friends. I use my reaction to the graphic remarks as an opportunity to practice generosity. In this case, generosity of view.
        Vegetarianism is a viewpoint. Others have their own viewpoint where the suffering of other sentient beings never rears its head. How can I get upset about someone who has no sensitivity in this area? No feeling is no feeling. Nor do I feel any responsibility for sharing my view. So instead of getting upset or irritated, I can look at my reaction and release it with love.
        Having said that, if this camping trip to the Smoky Mountains is a hunting trip, I wouldn't go. There isn't any need to put yourself in a group that is deliberately killing wildlife.
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        I have been a vegetarian for many years, as are many but not all Buddhists.  I have a few vegetarian friends but for the most part my friends are meat eaters, which is a challenge that I deal with.  This coming weekend I am going off to the Smoky Mountains with a large group of friends, all of whom are meat eaters other than myself.  We are cooking for ourselves and many have been considerate to the point that they have made something that I will be able to eat (considerate of me, not too considerate of the animals).  All this I can deal with.  It becomes difficult because several of these people just love to talk and joke about meat, and the joy of killing animals, either hunting them for food or because they bother their gardens.  And it is here that I start having difficulties containing my emotions.  I am not seeking any useless confrontation of course.  If anyone has any advice on how I can best keep my equilibrium in these circumstances, I would be grateful.

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