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The rice is safe!!

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  • ColdMtnBum@aol.com
    ... Lee, you ve gotta learn to lighten up, man....... I was just kidding you. Nobody s kicking over any rice. All s well in the Buddha Hall. Manjusri actually
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2006

      In a message dated 3/31/06 3:14:15 PM, U-Zendo@yahoogroups.com writes:

      On 2006/03/31 7:50:05, coldmtnbum@... wrote:
      > Lee- I have been all over the stinking temple grounds....up hill and
      down....asked everyoned.....but I can't find these two halls you're talking
      about. They must only exist at your temple in Japan, neh?

      <<Wow. So no Avaloketisvara where you are? Only Manjusuri, sitting like a monk in a Chinese chair?>> 

      Lee, you've gotta learn to lighten up, man.......

      I was just kidding you.
      Nobody's kicking over any rice.
      All's well in the Buddha Hall.
      Manjusri actually is in shorts and a tee
      sitting on the grass
      in the garden playing with the
      cutest little kid he and Ava had about a kalpa ago.
      Maybe a future Buddha, the kid has never once said
      a disparaging word about anyone.....
      even about those pesky westerners
      filled with their materialistic emptiness and blind love.

      Less lecturing from on high about "concepts"
      and more conversation about real practice
      as you and I and everyone here
      meet it every day,
      (like a dog dying,
      being both horrible to bear
      at the same time
      with a pure feeling of love
      between human and dog)
      is what I thought this site was about.
      It's what I look forward to reading about,

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