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Re: [U-Zendo] Pros and cons of kapok and buckwheat hulls

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      On Dec 5, 2011, at 11:28 AM, "Pat Stacy" <pstacy@...> wrote:

      Hi Ralph. I recommend a chair. There is nothing contained in the position on the floor.

      Well, it *is* a yogic asana, and so has an effect on the body/mind traditionally taken to be beneficial for Buddhist (and Hindu) meditation. It is a "gesture of balance" that predisposes the mind to equanimity. Sitting as close as one can come to the full lotus is likely a good idea. But it is not absolute, and other concerns have a weight in consideration. As you gain experience in zazen, the importance of exact posture diminishes.

      I have always sat on fairly well stuffed kapok zafus. On retreat just ended a week ago, pain in buttocks and lower back was relieved when I found a firm kapok zafu to replace the two buckwheat pillows I had been using. Others much prefer buckwheat. Difficult to predict what's best for you.

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