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  • Ralph Palmer
    Apr 20, 2010

      Came across this upon cleaning out some of my email mailboxes. I don’t believe I ever responded.


      I’m grateful for your time and help, Pat,




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      Hi Ralph,


      Advice on addictive behavior:


      Don't try to change anything at first. Understand that the behavior, whatever it is, exists to protect you from something. It's most likely something you don't need protection from, but that's not how it feels. Use the behavior itself to wake up.


      As you find yourself moving toward the addictive action, pause. This could be as you first have a thought about it, or it can be whenever you find yourself once again engaged in something you feel is not helpful. With that pause, ask yourself, "What would I have to feel now if I did not do this?" There might be more than one answer to that question. Let all of them come up. Don't move until you get at least one answer. At this point you might just go ahead and continue the behavior, but you might also continue your investigation. Are there any thoughts associated with the feeling that is being covered up? Is there tension in some part of your body that is connected to the feeling?Can you release it? Does this change the urge to indulge in the addiction? Keep being curious, investigation lessens the addictive urge.





      Hi -

      I have some addictive behaviors that are interfering with my practice.
      I'm guessing some of you have been through this. How did or do you deal
      with addictive behaviors that "get in the way"? Any suggestions or


      Ralph Palmer
      Keene, NH, and Greenfield, MA

      Ralph Palmer
      Montague City, MA
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