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333Re: [U-Zendo] Re: anger(CHAT)

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  • Jakub Jaroszewski
    Nov 9, 2006
      So does talking about enlightenment is a cause of a future enlightment?
      Talking about something is making it stronger in your life.
      When you think about something then you finalely begin to talk about it; and
      when you talk about it then you finaly begin to do it. Aren't you?
      So, I suppose, when you talk and think about anger a lot, then you are in a
      danger of making yourself an angry man.
      Sometimes feelings are so painful that it is very difficult to not get into
      them, but maintaining them is making them firm. The mind get used to them,
      so they become you yourself.
      Doesn't it goes this way? (I suppose :))


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      >I would suppose about as much and not more than talking about
      > enlightenment causes a future enlightenment.
      > Ralph
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      > Does talking about anger cause a future anger?
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      > From: "Scott" <scott_1971_h@...>
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      > Subject: [U-Zendo] Re: anger(CHAT)
      >> Yes well casual or not, the two seem to be linked...
      >> Lots of people who have been through trauma have anger problems esp.
      >> when memories of the abuse is triggered.
      >> Scott
      >> --- In U-Zendo@yahoogroups.com, "Palmer, Ralph" <rpalmer@...> wrote:
      >>> Hi, Scott -
      >>> Seems like almost everyone has been away for a while.
      >>> Are you speaking of a causal link? Anger --> trauma? Or trauma -->
      >>> anger?
      >>> Ralph
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      >>> Ralph Palmer
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