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318Re: [U-Zendo] anger(CHAT)

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  • Richard Horvitz
    Aug 15, 2006
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      On Sun, 13 Aug 2006, Walt Taylor wrote:

      > On Aug 13, 2006, at 7:19 PM, Richard Horvitz wrote:
      > > Whether it would help or not to have a prohibition
      > > against anger, I don't know.
      > Maybe we're confusing anger with its unfettered expression. You can't
      > ban anger any more than you can sexual desire. What you can do is
      > exercise control over its expression, which we do all the time.

      I don't think this is totally true. Anger is largely a learned response.
      If you live with people who get angry easily you are likely to do so also.
      Won't being mindful of how anger arises make it less likely?
      From another point of view, an incident of anger is a long chain of
      events. First you see someone doing something, then you think that it is
      contrary to your interest, or offensive to you, then you think that the
      person is doing it with the intention of harming you, then you think about
      how you have objected to this behavior in the past yet they are doing it
      again, then your ears turn a bit red, then you swear a bit under your
      breath, then you start thinking about how you might hurt them in return
      (justice, if you will), then you pick up the knife and creep up behind
      them, and finally you plunge it into their back. So this last step is
      clearly unfettered expression, but where is the cut off? It can end
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