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317Re: [U-Zendo] anger(CHAT)

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  • Lee Love
    Aug 14, 2006
      On 8/14/2006 4:41:38 AM, Weasel Tracks (weaseltrax@...) wrote:

      > Hi, Lee! Hope life is good for you.
      > I have a problem with your last sentence. Perhaps you wrote it
      > quickly and it doesn't
      > say quite what you mean.


      Our paradigm is the same, in that it is based on assumptions like
      every other paradigm. The details really don't matter. Only that we
      hold them as truth without questioning them. We think the scientific
      method protects us from false assumptions, but it doesn't do so
      automatically/magically. It takes effort. Ideally, in science, we
      try to separate our feelings from our objective examinations of the
      world. This parallels Buddhist views on anger. But as Katagiri used
      to say, A fish does not know he swims in the sea. A bird does not
      know he flies in the sky. Only by knowing that our thoughts are
      probably mistaken, can we make allowances for them.

      Also, Buddhism has no corner on dealing with anger. All of the
      mystical traditions deal with it in one way or the other. Most
      orthodoxies, even in Buddhism forget them. My wife Jean was talking to
      her Japanese students about what the local Buddhist Priest charges for a
      funeral. The base funeral is about $10,000.00 $5,000.00 if you are
      poor. Much more if you are wealthy.

      Here is an example from Sufi Islam:

      Swallow Your Anger Then Digest It
      Excerpts from the book Ocean of Unity
      Sheik Nazim Al-Qubrusi

      "One of the most harmful weeds, the most inimical to our spiritual
      growth is the anger generated by the vanity of our egos. When anger
      rages it engulfs the light of faith, transforming in into fire. The
      light of Faith is the pure light of God, but when it is transformed into
      fire it no longer illumines, it burns."


      The seed of war comes from the moment we create us and them. If
      we are only critical of THEM, we fire the first gun. It is important
      to see these things as OUR human problem. We are all capable of the
      same mistakes. We make them all the time.

      'I have lived on the very brink of insanity,
      demanding to know Why?
      hammering on the door.
      It opens.
      I was knocking from the inside!'

      Lee in Mashiko, Japan
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