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312Re: [U-Zendo] anger(CHAT)

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  • Pat Stacy
    Aug 13 1:07 PM
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      To: zendo
      Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2006 10:57 PM
      Subject: [U-Zendo] anger(CHAT)

      Many of the big religions have all kinds of terrible offenses one can
      commit against their gods, earning you a place in hell. It is a pity that
      anger isn't at the top (or anywhere) on these lists... maybe that would put the brakes on some of the terrible violence in the world today.


      In your experience, has any religious prohibition against anything had the effect of actually preventing that behavior?  Sometime the same religion that preaches love promotes hatred. Unfortunately these are horns on the same goat, and that goat is us. If we tried to be more loving or to not feel angry, would that make an improvement in our behavior?

      Buddhism directs our attention to the causes of both love and hatred, and tells us these causes arise in our mind and when we comprehend the process, there is a chance for them not to arise.


      Richard: I saw the film Munich this evening. Most disturbing.


      Richard, do you want to talk about what was happening to you while you watched the movie, "Munich"? Did you see it as a clash between two religions that both say they promote love of neighbor? Does the conflict have economic roots? Do you think that religious prohibitions against anger would have changed events?


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