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266Re: [U-Zendo] Gratitude

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  • Louis-Dominique Dubeau
    May 25, 2006
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      Weasel Tracks <weaseltrax@...> writes:

      > Yet even the words of the Sutra do mysterious things under the hood!
      > Such a marvelously designed psychic tool! It begins with an
      > experience of a mode of being/perception that seems to deny the truth
      > and very existence of every category of teaching of Buddhism, and
      > ends with an irrational declaration of a magic formula as the highest
      > truth! What a grand non seqitur! It just tickles the hell out of the
      > hulking id, that cynically watches the rational mind insisting on
      > making sense out of the world!

      I have a different take on this.

      Whether the mantra was present from the start or added later I'm
      guessing that there was at least one person who thought the mantra
      belonged there. Also, the meaning of "o.m gate gate paaragate
      paarasa.mgate bodhi svaahaa" is fairly clear to me. It is simply
      included here as a mantric reformulation of the earlier assertion that
      Bodhisattvas attain enlightenment by relying on the Consummation of
      Insight (praj~naapaaramitaa), namely:

      Om, when one has arrived (bis), when one has arrived to the other
      shore, when one has utterly arrived to the other shore, there is
      enlightenment. Oh yeah!

      Paaragata (here appearing in the locative masculine singular
      paaragate) is synonymous with paaramita: gone to the other shore.
      From paaramita comes paaramitaa: going to the other shore, perfection,
      consummation, etc. This is the same paaramitaa that appears in
      praj~naapaaramitaa, Consummation of Insight. So more
      interpretatively, "when one attains the consummation [of insight],
      there is enlightenment", "enlightenment happens by reliance on
      consummation [of insight]".

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