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250RE: [U-Zendo] Gratitude

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  • Palmer, Ralph
    May 18, 2006
      A little soggy, but the sun came out briefly yesterday, and it's sunny now. I can't remember when we last saw the sun before yesterday. It was bad enough that, driving to work yesterday morning, I saw a beaver walking down the road. Probably looking for a place to dry out.
      I'll send a report when I've finished the book. So far, it's good. Sheng-yen admits his commentary has a different slant from most; most commentaries seem to be from what I would call an abhidharma perspective, and he says he's approaching it from a meditation practise perspective. I'm not very far into it, so I'll have to reserve comment for now.

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      Ralph wrote:
      I just got Sheng-yen's "There Is No Suffering" for my birthday, and it
      made me realize how grateful I am to this list. I've received all kinds
      of advice, information, and encouragement from the members and the

      But are you under water on the East Coast?
      And...I would like to hear a book report on "There is No Suffering."
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