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242Re: [U-Zendo] The Reincarnation Station

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  • Lou Anne Jaeger
    Apr 5, 2006
      Yes, indeed, better a slime mold than a jello mold.

      Weasel Tracks <weaseltrax@...> wrote:
      At 7:14 AM -0700 06/04/04, Lou Anne Jaeger wrote:
      >We have a game a bit like this that we play during our Buddha's
      >Birthday celebration.  We have a sort of carnival with games for the
      >Sangha kids, and the favorite game is always "Balloon Burst Bardo."
      >You toss a dart at a board covered with balloons; behind each
      >balloon is a piece of paper detailing your next rebirth.  Break the
      >balloon and the rebirth is yours!  The rebirths are pretty varied,
      >everything from "Slime Mold", to "Jedi Warrior".

      I often wonder why people think of slime molds as so lowly. But how
      many other life-forms start off as single amoebae, then give up their
      individuality to become a multicellular organism? Myxomycetes can
      teach us a lot about self and other.

          ---Weasel Tracks

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