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Re: [Tuvalu] Indigenous Peoples thank Samoa

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    M, Can you provide the link to the Press Release and thanks for the contribution. Isala. ________________________________ From: Emeretta.Cross@au.ey.com
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      Can you provide the link to the Press Release and thanks for the contribution.


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      Subject: [Tuvalu] Indigenous Peoples thank Samoa

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      21 October 2009


      On behalf of the Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific Region we give our
      strong congratulations to the nation of Samoa for its decision to support
      the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

      Although belated, Samoa's affirmation of the Declaration adds to
      international support for Indigenous Peoples, global diversity of cultures
      and beliefs and humankind's close relationship with mother Earth.

      We thank Samoa for taking a leading role in the Pacific region to
      recognise and respect the Indigenous populations, and setting an example
      for other Island nations in the region to express their support for the
      Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

      Samoan defender of human rights, Fiu Elisara, expressed his gratitude to
      Samoan officials who have worked to support the Declaration on the Rights
      of Indigenous Peoples.

      'As a Samoan I am extremely pleased with this outcome and wish to commend
      the Samoan government for changing its abstention vote made on 13
      September 2007,' Fiu Elisara said.

      'This move now recognizes the fundamental rights of some 97% of Samoans as
      indigenous peoples.

      'I especially thank H.E. Ambassador Aliioaiga Feturi Elisaia for his
      tremendous work at the United Nations in New York and for assisting the
      Samoan Prime Minister and government to uphold this very important
      Declaration. '

      As the world struggles with economic crises and climate change threatens
      the lives and livelihoods of many Indigenous Peoples, it is important that
      leaders of the Pacific affirm the values of the populations throughout the
      region and fight for protection of the values that keep our people and our
      territories closely united.

      We ask the nation of Samoa to consider ways to confirm the rights of its
      Indigenous Peoples in its constitution and laws.

      Again we thank Samoa for its positive step to affirm important human
      rights in the Pacific region.

      Fiu Elisara - Samoa - CONTACT: <fiuelisara51@ yahoo.com>
      Malia Nobrega - Hawai'i
      Les Malezer - Australia

      on behalf of the Pacific Caucus of Indigenous Peoples


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