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Quality Tunis Online Sale

The 3rd Annual Quality Tunis Online Sale is today at breedersworld.com. There are 17 head of Tunis from RQL Farms, MJM Farms, Schambow Tunis, Woolly Hollow
Dale Huhnke
Apr 30

Online Dispersal Sale!

We are so excited to announce the final award our Tunis will work to earn, and our way of saying "Thank you!" to our buyers a final time! The High Selling
Matt and Kate Lambert
Jan 21
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Tunis Sale Details

Please see the attached invitation for more information!! Please book hotel rooms by April 1 to guarantee special rate!! We do request you RSVP for lunch so we
Matt and Kate Lambert
Jan 12
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    Sale Invitation.pdf

Tunis under the Christmas Tree?!

If you're still searching for that perfect gift, look no more! How about putting some Tunis under the Christmas tree!!! We are now offering gift certificates
    Matt and Kate Lambert
    Dec 5, 2014
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    Livestock Dispersal Sales

    Check out my latest blog post on tips for sorting through livestock dispersal sales! Industry experts weigh in on tips for these sales!!
    Matt and Kate Lambert
    Dec 1, 2014

    Win a $100 Tunis Sales Credit!

    Please visit our website and add your email address to our mailing list for our complete Tunis Dispersal! All emails received by Thanksgiving will be entered
    Matt and Kate Lambert
    Nov 10, 2014

    Re: feeding alfalfa to Tunis?

    I agree about the field feeding. Also, I feed my Tunis ONLY dry land 16-18% alfalfa all winter, and they are fat and happy. Sam in Utah From:
      Oct 24, 2014
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      Re: feeding alfalfa to Tunis?

      Julia: I feed my sheep (Tunis, Dorset, Columbia) alfalfa hay when I have them in the breeding pastures, over winter and lambing. I've been doing this for 10
        Oct 24, 2014
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        feeding alfalfa to Tunis?

        Hi,My husband wants to plant alfalfa for our Tunis.  We've never fed alfalfa & I'm concerned it may not be the best feed for a grass only flock.  Does anyone
        julia delpino
        Oct 23, 2014
        Sep 21, 2014

        Re: How do I order my first lamb processed.

        You may also want to get the bones back for soup as well as the offal (kidney, liver, heart) & tongue. I think they're all delicious but it is a matter of
        julia delpino
        Sep 12, 2014

        Re: How do I order my first lamb processed.

        Shoulder steaks are one of our favorites for the grill! Legs are great in the smoker or on the grill, we also like to cure legs for lamb hams a few times a
        Matt and Kate Lambert
        Sep 10, 2014

        Re: How do I order my first lamb processed.

        I told them to give me a variety the first time because I didn't know what I wanted. Now I go heavy on stew and ground. Really depends on what you like, if you
        Angela Hooker
        Sep 9, 2014

        How do I order my first lamb processed.

        I just dropped my first lamb off at the processing plant. How do I tell them I want it processed? He advised leg of lambs double chops burger roast. Please
        Homer Day
        Sep 9, 2014

        Uptown Farms Complete Dispersal

        Uptown Farms Complete Dispersal Good morning! Many of you may have already heard, but Matt and I have made the very difficult decision that it is time for us
        Matt and Kate Lambert
        Aug 18, 2014
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