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    for those who are interested.            diana Printing in haste makes more waste; keep it green and read on the screen   Having trouble viewing
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      for those who are interested.            diana

      Printing in haste makes more waste; keep it green and read on the screen

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      eNews header

      Recycling Jobs Task Force Update

      NRC Welcomes 3 New Affiliates!

      February Webinar

      AF&PA Recycling Awards

      Board Member Spotlight: Meg Morris

      Regional Material Exchange Launched!

      Zero Waste Week


      February 2013

      President's Message


      Join Our Mailing List


      PARMC Webinar: 

      Complementing Anaerobic Digestion with Composting Operations  

      Tues. Feb 15

      1:30-2:45pm ET


      SWANA Road to Zero Waste Conference

      Feb 25-27

      Atlanta, Georgia

      Register Here  


      Zero Waste Week

      March 17-23

      San Francisco Bay Area, CA

      Register Here 


      Upcoming Events

      NRC eNews


      Am I a Member of NRC?


      If you are a member of an affiliated Recycling Organization, you are a member. If you'd like to join or make a donation as an individual, click here. If your state is not an affiliated Recycling Organization, tell them you'd like them to be!




      Welcome to the  


      All communication, payables and/or receivables should be mailed to the following address ONLY:


      National Recycling Coalition, Inc.

      1220 L Street NW, Suite 100-155

      Washington DC 20005




      Please Note:

      eNews Editor
      and NRC Staff Assistant

      Lisa Ruggero 



      NRC eNews Staff

      A Message from the President 

      NRC Continues on the Path of Relevance


      Dear Fellow Colleagues in Recycling, 


      Mark L I'm elated to share more positive news about NRC!


      The stories in this issue of our eNews speak for themselves. Nevertheless, I'm particularly proud of the state-level recycling organizations (ROs) that have stepped up to the plate to support the resurgence of this critical national organization. These 23 organizations recognize that they are part of the solution - that they will help lead the NRC to its next phase. This is a phase where our organization fulfills its destiny leading national discourse and decision-making about the sustainable use and management of materials.


      Of equally great importance is the work of our Recycling Jobs Task Force (RJTF), which I created almost two years ago. We owe Melinda Uerling great credit. She gave much of herself to lead the NRC as President through some of its most turbulent times, and she came back to lead this effort for us. It is one that, as you'll see, has done stupendous work! On behalf of the entire organization, I thank her and her tireless members, who come from all corners of the NRC family. This collaborative, consensus building effort epitomizes what we are all about, and what we can become.


      In future issues of this eNews, look for an update on the consolidation of Recycling Organizations of North America (RONA) and NRC, a process that is ongoing. In addition, we continue our work to inform national strategy on sustainable materials management and will be talking more about this. We'll also outline our leadership with post-disaster debris management, and how we are working to inform tomorrow's national policy in this regard (this comes primarily from the role we played with Superstorm Sandy). In addition, we'll outline some major partnerships we are fostering with SWANA and other national organizations. This includes the very important relationship we have with Resource Recycling and our upcoming meetings with them in August. We offer Jerry Powell and RR our sincere appreciation for all they have done to help the NRC over the last few years. Finally, look forward to an update from our Policy Committee on the status of our EPR policy, a cornerstone of Sustainable Materials Management.


      For now, join with me as I keynote SWANA's "Road to Zero Waste Conference" in Atlanta on February 25th.


      'Till then...


      Yours "still" in Recycling,


      Mark Lichtenstein

      NRC President



      Exciting News from the Recycling Jobs Task Force

      Task Force Chair, Melinda Uerling

      Task Force Chair, Melinda Uerling

      Led by Chair Melinda Uerling (an NRC Past President), NRC's Recycling Jobs Task Force (RJTF) had the opportunity to work with the Brookings Institute and provide feedback on the methodology and proposed revisions of the study "Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment".


      You may remember that upon the release of the first Brookings Institute report in July 2011, "Sizing the Clean Economy," NRC's President Mark Lichtenstein assembled the task force in large part to address the shortcomings that the coalition identified in the Brookings Institute report and to respond to the underestimation of the impact the recycling industry has on the economy.


      In their response to Brookings, the Task Force identified 3 key issues:

      1.    The definition by which recycling is identified

      2.    The methodology used for quantifying recycling jobs

      3.    What job titles were included in the study


      To view the Task Force's recommendations on these issues click here.


      Throughout all of task force's hard work, the lack of standardized methods for defining and quantifying recycling jobs poses the greatest challenge to effectively characterizing the industry. There is no one comprehensive data source of job numbers out there - even SIC or NICS codes have limitations.


      In developing their recommendations, the Task Force dealt with some pertinent questions for the recycling industry:


      • How does one count secondary jobs within the recycling industry? 
      • Are administrative desk workers counted? Forklifters? 
      • Does the Staff Assistant of NRC have a recycling job?


      How does one count jobs that process a percentage of recycled material in their product? Is the percentage of recycled content used to calculate the number of jobs?


      It is the desire and intention of NRC's RJTF to engage the membership of NRC to have broader discussions about these pertinent questions. It is clear that there is a great need for some "apples to apples" recycling figures to characterize recycling's contribution to jobs in the US economy. 


      To that end, the RJTF would love your input for ideas on what role NRC should play in coming up with methodologies for achieving this goal and volunteers for helping to achieve them.


      The RJTF will hold a webinar to have a deeper discussion about their findings and to gather feedback from the materials management community. Stay tuned for more information regarding this webinar.


      To learn more about the Recycling Jobs Task Force Click Here.



      Welcome Alaska, New Jersey, and Oklahoma!

      NRC Continues its Growth and Welcomes Three New Affiliate State Recycling Organizations!


      NRC now has 23 Affiliated Recycling Organizations:

      • Alaskans for Litter Prevention & Recycling
      • California Resource Recovery Association
      • Georgia Recycling Coalition
      • Illinois Recycling Association
      • Indiana Recycling Coalition
      • Iowa Recycling Association
      • Kansas Organization of Recyclers
      • MassRecycle
      • Michigan Recycling Coalition
      • Recycling Association of Minnesota
      • Missouri Recycling Association
      • Nebraska State Recycling Association
      • Association of New Jersey Recyclers
      • New Mexico Recycling Coalition
      • New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling
      • Association of Ohio Recyclers
      • Oklahoma Recycling Association
      • Association of Oregon Recyclers
      • Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania
      • Carolina Recycling Association
      • State of Texas Alliance for Recycling
      • Virginia Recycling Association
      • Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin

      Our extensive and expanding network of affiliates is our most valuable resource as we move forward with advancing materials management in North America. Welcome aboard!



      February Webinar

      Complementing Anaerobic Digestion Projects with Composting Operations - Improving the Bottom Line by adding Compost to Production Outputs


      Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013

      Time: 1:30-2:45PM EST

      Cost: FREE 




      The main purpose of an anaerobic digestion facility is to produce and recover methane gas from organic waste materials. A sometimes-overlooked byproduct of this process is the digestate, which is often overlooked as a material that has no value. Learn how some facilities are using this material as a feedstock in composting operations to produce high-value compost and soil amendments.



      Amber Blythe, Application Engineer, BIOFerm Energy Systems

      Technical Complexity - Moderate/ High 



      2013 AF&PA Recycling Awards

      Open for Entries through Feb. 15


      AF&PA has set an ambitious goal to recover more than 70 percent of the paper used in the U.S. by the year 2020. Recipients of the annual AF&PA Recycling Awards are outstanding examples of the innovation and effort needed to achieve that goal.

      Winners in three categories - School, Community, and Business Leadership - receive cash prizes, in addition to local and national recognition. New for 2013 is a Fan Favorite Award that will enable programs in each category to generate visibility and enthusiasm for their efforts through Facebook and Twitter voting campaigns.

      For award criteria, details and deadlines, please visit AF&PA online at paperrecycles.org.



      Board Member Spotlight

      NRC Congratulates Vice President and Treasurer, Meg Morris, on New Role


      Meg Morris Named Vice President of Materials Management for
      Covanta Energy


      Meg Morris has been promoted toNRC Tresurer, Meg Morris vice president of materials   management, a new position at Covanta Energy. The Materials Management division identifies the best approach in using and reusing resources most productively and sustainably throughout their life cycles, from the point of resource extraction through material disposal, ensuring they are reused, recycled or recovered with the least amount of impact on the environment.


      In her new position, Ms. Morris will be tasked with developing and implementing programs that address sustainable waste management needs. This includes assisting existing and prospective clients with waste reduction, reuse and recycling programs, coordinating community outreach and education programs - such as those that focus on the removal of mercury, cadmium, pharmaceuticals and electronic waste from the waste stream - and collaborating with NGOs.



      Regional Material Exchange Launched

      Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, & Vermont

      The Reuse Marketplace (http://www.reusemarketplace.org) is a free regional network to find, sell, trade, or give away reusable and surplus items that would otherwise be disposed as trash. Businesses, institutions, governments, and non-profit organizations in the states of Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont can become members by creating free accounts and posting listings for available items. Members may also post detailed wanted listings, specifying the type(s) of items they need.  While anyone can browse and access the posted items, only members can post items to offer.  Actual exchange transactions are carried out directly between interested parties.


      The Reuse Marketplace site administrator is The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC).  Additional states and businesses are invited to participate in and support our effort.  Please contact Lynn Rubinstein at  lynn@..., 802-254-3636 for more information.

      Zero Waste Week

      San Francisco Bay Area

      March 17-23, 2013


      Since 1996, the Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA) has been conducting the Recycling Update - a popular annual one day conference that focuses on the best of what's "new and different". This year - the 18th update has been expanded to include Zero Waste International Alliance's (ZWIA) 8th International Dialog. Calling the two-day conference the Zero Waste Update, we have also added a week of activities - Zero Waste Week - tours, receptions, speaking engagements and meetings. Attendees will include discard management and recycling professionals, service providers and activists as well as

      local, regional, state and national elected officials and 

      policy-makers and members of the media covering Sustainability, Zero Waste, Reuse, Recycling, Composting and EPR.

      Zero Waste Week Schedule

      March 17           

      Youth and young professional convening

      March 18           

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