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2111Fw: Food Waste Webinar tomorrow

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  • Diana Askins
    Jul 15 10:34 AM
    for those who may be interested. 

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    On Tuesday, July 15, 2014 9:49 AM, "Hershey, Ilda" <ilda.hershey@...> wrote:

    This EPA webinar is tomorrow, July 16, 1-2pm CST…
    Subject: RE: Food Waste Webinar
    Join Us For An Exciting Webinar!
    “Cities and Counties Leading Efforts to Reduce Food Waste”
    Date: July 16, 2014 (Wednesday)
    Time: 2:00 pm EDT – 3:00 pm EDT
    Cities and counties across the country are adopting policies that curb food waste from going into landfills.  Many are also using the food waste to produce natural fertilizer and bioenergy.  Others have programs set up to make sure nutritious uneaten food goes to food banks and pantries.  
    This first webinar in the U.S. Food Waste Challenge Webinar series will feature city and county leaders who are leading efforts to reduce, recover, and recycle food waste.  As former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, food waste is the “final recycling frontier” for many cities.  

    Whether you’re a mayor, county official, sustainability manager, or concerned citizen, join us for great presentations and discussions around how we can stop food waste, reduce our environmental impact, and create new sources of energy and business opportunities in the process.  For more information about what USDA is doing about food waste email:

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