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2087Mayfest starts in 1 Day we still have 2 Shifts to fill. Please help.

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  • matpickett
    May 14, 2014

      Please help!  There is an onpening on Saturday morning from 10:45 - 3pm and Saturday afternoon from 2:45 - 7pm.  You can bring a friend or a neighbor or a significant other to help.  This is our only way of generating funds to keep TMRA in operation.  Contact me via phone 918-321-5891 or email matt.albright@....


      Booth is located at 3rd and Boston just past the PAC on 3rd street.  Our banner will be on the side.


       ALL NUMBERS ARE 918  (unless noted)

      SATURDAY, MAY 17th 



      THURSDAY, MAY 15th.

      6:45-11pm   Shelly Watson


      6:45-11pm   Karen Lackey

      10:45-3pm   Carla Schenck  

      6:45-11pm   Madeline Lackey

      10:45-3pm   Jackie Rago


      10:45-3pm   Bob Stewart

      SUNDAY, MAY 18th



      2:45-7pm   Karen Lackey

      10:45-3pm   Susie Jones

      2:45-7pm   Diana Pond

      10:45-3pm   Jo Ellen Young

      2:45-7pm   Chris Rodgers

      10:45-3pm   Jackie Rago



      6:45-11pm   Mary Junger

      2:45-7pm    Eva Garringer  

      6:45-11pm   Maureen Turner

      2:45-7pm    Sarah Palmer

      6:45-11pm   Matt Albright

      2:45-7pm    Becky Bowles



      FRIDAY, MAY 16th.

      Coordinator -Bob Stewart


      918- 633-2731

      10:45-3pm   Carla Schenck  


      10:45-3pm   Paul Ross


      10:45-3pm   Amanda Curtis




      2:45-7pm   Bob Stewart


      2:45-7pm   Joslynn Hauser


      2:45-7pm   Kate Nelson




      6:45-11pm   Kristi Shreve


      6:45-11pm   Kristen McCormick


      6:45-11pm   Olusola Ogundipe




      SATURDAY, MAY 17th




      10:45-3pm   Pat Hobbs  


      10:45-3pm   John Orsulak 






      2:45-7pm   Annie Tyndall


      2:45-7pm   Diana Pond