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1996Fw: [Green] GreenSchools & STEM webinar archive

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  • Diana Askins
    Oct 9, 2013
      for those who may be interested.     diana
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      Hello Green Schools Friends,
      If anyone is registered for the OK Green Schools Program or thinking about doing so, watching this archive of Ken Cole’s (with his students) webinar last year will give you some ideas on what can be done with STEM coordination: https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/meetingArchive?eventId=s503j0d5hci1 (Green Schools & STEM). We are also hoping Ken’s new presentation on this topic will be featured at the OSTA conference Nov. 2.
      GreenSchools and STEM
      STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is a term that has become more and more popular as the federal government pushes for improvements in student performance in these vital areas. This webinar will demonstrate how STEM can be seamlessly integrated into the school curriculum using the PLT GreenSchools! Investigations and grant program as a model for schools. 
      The webinar features:
      ·         Kenneth Cole, Life, Earth & Environmental Science Teacher at Clyde Boyd Middle School in Sand Springs, OK. 
      He will highlight how his students use STEM to reduce unhealthy CO2 levels throughout their school, share how STEM is effectively integrated into the Clyde Boyd curriculum, and discuss the sustainability of the PLT GreenSchools! program model.
      ·         Green Team Student Leaders from Clyde Boyd Middle School:
      Madilyn Barron, Michael Bramlett, Michaela Fox, Gabe Jeffus, Perry Pitman, Hope Pollard, Lucas Rish, Allison Sellers, and Savannah Snyder

      These dynamic students will share how they are using their STEM skills to make ongoing improvements to their school, for example, by reducing CO2 emissions, adjusting lighting, and constructing a school garden, outdoor classroom, waterfall and pond, and a system to harvest rainwater.
      ·         Les Pace, President, Pace Applied Technologies
      Pace Applied Technologies (a consulting firm that offers energy, facility management, and indoor air quality services) provides teaching materials and classroom lessons on environmental conservation issues and the use of renewable energy.  Les will provide insight into how STEM relates to his job and tangible actions that schools can take to become more sustainable and healthy, and reduce operating costs. 
      ·         Victoria Arthur, USDA Forest Service Conservation Education Specialist 
      She will share how the U.S. Forest Service Climate Change Educational Program resources connect to earth, life, marine and atmospheric sciences, and she will also emphasize its ties to math and technology. 
      ·         National Project Leaning Tree staff 
      We will discuss the dynamic landscape and emphasis on STEM in America and the rest of the world in 2013 and beyond.

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