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1985Fw: [Green] Need Middle and High School Teachers to Partner In Next Generation Science Standards Climate Change Curricular Units

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  • Diana Askins
    Sep 12, 2013
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      please pass this on to those who might use it.    diana
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      Subject: [Green] Need Middle and High School Teachers to Partner In Next Generation Science Standards Climate Change Curricular Units

      Dear Colleagues and David Bydlowski,
      Thanks to our funding from the National Science Foundation, the Center for Essential Science is seeking middle and high school teachers for the 2013-2014 academic year who might be willing to implement part or all of our middle school and high school climate change curricular units during this academic year.  The units were developed over the past three years to specifically foster the kind of science knowledge that is emphasized in the Next Generation Science Standards (e.g., knowledge that uses science practices to deepen students' understandings of disciplinary core ideas about climate change).
      Participating teachers would receive: 
      a. Online and face-to-face professional development support as needed and desired,
      b.  All of the materials and supplies needed to implement the units, including infrared thermometers and other laboratory materials, all written and online resources, and pre and post-tests,
      c. $500. compensation for full participation in either a middle school or high school module implementation,  and
      d. A graduate student support person who would visit (if local) or provide classroom support once a week or more (as needed) to help with any questions or logistics.
      Interested individuals should do any of the following:
      1. Sign up for our Online Webinar to be held Thursday, October 3rd, from 6-8 pm eastern that provides an interactive overview of the curricular units here:  sign up
      2. Send email inquiries or questions to  essentialscience@...
      3. Visit our project webpage for more information: http://www.essentialscience.umich.edu/
      We hope to hear from you!
       Nancy Songer and the entire Center for Essential Science research team

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